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Yilun®short fiber


Polyimide fiber

Key words:

Polyimide fiber

Yilun®Properties of fiber


Yilun®DMA curves for fibers and other fibers Yilun®Thermal decomposition curves of fibers and other fibers at 5% weight loss


Project (Yis-F,H, Yilun 95)

Unit Technical parameters
titer dtex 0.89,1.67,2.22,6.67
Breaking strength cN/dtex >4.0
elongation at break % >20
Thermal decomposition temperature (T5%) 570
Dry heat shrinkage 280C30 minutes % <0.3
limiting oxygen index LOI % 38
Thermal conductivity 300°C W/(m * k) 0.03


Excellent filtration performance

Various cross-sectional shapes (round and trilobal)®Fibers, as well as nano-high-tech fibers, are used alone or in combination to increase the filtration surface area and provide excellent filtration performance.

Excellent chemical stability

With remarkable chemical resistance, Yilun®The fiber can be used in various environments for a long time. It can withstand the action of most organic solvents, such as acids, bases, hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, etc.

Body Flame Retardancy

Yilun®Fibers are composed of aromatic backbone units. The limiting oxygen index is greater than 38% and belongs to non-combustible substances. Yilun®Has the characteristics of non-melting and self-extinguishing from the fire, smoke rate is very low, non-toxic. Yilun®Halogen-free, green fiber.

High temperature stability and low temperature stability

Yilun®The fiber has long-term thermal stability, at a working temperature of 300C, has good strength and durability. Yilun®The fiber is also resistant to extremely low temperatures and is not brittle in-269C liquid ammonia.

Excellent electrical performance

It can still maintain good insulation performance under high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, frequency conversion and other conditions.


Yilun®Fiber through the Swiss Textile Testing Institute oeko-tex baby grade eco-confidence textile certification, baby first-class products

good weather resistance

UV resistant, easy to store.


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