Enterprise strength

Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyimide raw materials, resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high-strength fibers and fabrics, and nano-products.

R & D Objectives

Since its establishment, the R & D center has focused on cutting-edge technology, guided by market demand, locked in the "blank spots" of industry technology and products and the "combination point" of national industrial policies and market actual needs, and focused on the development of my country's polyimide material industry. "Difficulties", focus on improving engineering and industrialization capabilities, and provide technical support for the development of my country's high-performance materials industry. With technological innovation as the core, the center is committed to the research and development of polyimide-related products, including raw materials, resins, adhesives, special engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers and high-strength fibers and fabrics, films, foams, nano-non-woven fabrics, etc., strive to provide high quality advanced polyimide materials for production and life, and contribute to the development of science and technology and social progress.


Science and Technology Innovation Team

As an innovative technology enterprise, the company has excellent technical experts and profound technical background of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and actively carries out innovative research on polyimide technology. At present, the center has 41 staff, accounting for 16% of the total number of the company, including 5 doctors, 5 masters and 15 senior and intermediate engineers. The proportion of scientific researchers with bachelor's degree or above is as high as 83%. At present, a research and development team with multi-disciplinary organic complementarity, reasonable professional collocation and full of vitality has been initially formed, providing continuous vitality and power for the company's sustained and vigorous development.


R & D platform construction

The company attaches great importance to the construction of innovation ability and scientific research platform, and set up a research and development center at the beginning of its establishment, including PI engineering plastics project team, PI special paper project team, PI fiber activated carbon project team, and PI basic raw materials project team. The center has a basic laboratory, analysis and testing laboratory, pilot production line, etc., and has imported advanced analytical testing equipment such as high performance liquid chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, gas chromatography mass spectrometry from Shimadzu Company of Japan and thermodynamic analysis instruments from TA Company of the United States. With strong independent research and development capabilities and technical strength, the R & D center was successfully approved as a provincial and ministerial engineering technology research center in 2012.
The company pays attention to the combination of industry, university and research. The R & D center works closely with Changchun Institute of chemical engineering, Ningbo Institute of materials, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other academic and scientific research institutions to form an open technological innovation system. Through actively seeking national loans, government subsidies, applying for national innovation fund and other channels, the R & D center enriches the enterprise's technological innovation funds, Provide solid technical and economic guarantee for various scientific research work.


scientific and technological achievements

Through the combination of independent innovation and external introduction, the R & D center has successfully developed a series of polyimide high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, it has applied for 7 patents, including 2 domestic patents and 1 European patent, and has published many related papers in core journals. The center has been awarded the titles of Changchun Science and Technology Innovation Center and Jilin Province Engineering Technology Research Center, and has been funded by national, provincial and municipal key scientific research projects for many years.
With the cooperation of various departments of the company, the scientific and technological innovation work of the R & D center has been fruitful:

The technology of synthesizing various dianhydride monomers with chlorinated phthalic anhydride greatly reduces the production cost and ensures the supply of raw materials;

The production technology of polyimide fiber with independent intellectual property rights has filled the domestic gap;

The project of heat-resistant polyimide fiber and semi-interpenetrating network biphenyl-based polyimide engineering plastics has successfully passed the technical appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department;

Polyimide fiber (PI-Yilun) technology has passed the identification of environmental protection science and technology products and achievements of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences;

The industrialization technology of kiloton polyimide fiber has successfully passed the industrialization technical appraisal of China Textile Industry Federation.