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Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyimide raw materials, resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high-strength fibers and fabrics, and nano-products.


The Yilun ® series fibers of Hipolyking has once again obtained the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification.

Hipolyking has been implementing international quality management standards in the fiber production process for ten years, and has strictly controlled the structural design, raw material selection, production process, post-processing, packaging and transportation, showing the distinctive quality product personality.


Net Endless | High Temperature Resistant Ultrafine Denier Yilun Fiber Escorts Ultra Low Emission

From 10.29 to 10.30, Gao Qi participated in the "2019 7th China Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by China Cement Network ". With the theme of "new technology, new technology and new benchmark", the conference attracted nearly 1000 people from cement enterprises, technical experts and scientific research institutions to discuss the energy conservation and environmental protection industry plan of cement industry.


National Textile Industry Advanced Collective, Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference

On July 12, the National Textile Industry Advanced Collective, Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The purpose is to commend the advanced, promote righteousness, and create a glorious social fashion and a dedication to excellence in the national textile industry. A total of 322 "national textile industry model workers" were selected, including 4 in Jilin Province. Comrade Liu Jianguo of our company was awarded the title of "National Textile Industry Model Worker.


July 1 activities

In order to celebrate the 101 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, further enhance the sense of party spirit of the Gaoqi Party branch, enhance the sense of honor and mission of Party members, and further stimulate the vanguard and exemplary role and work enthusiasm of Party members, the Party branch carried out a series of activities of "celebrating July 1 to commemorate the 101 anniversary of the founding of the party. Widely publicize the glorious history and fine traditions of the party, and organize to watch a series of films on the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.


China's fiber fashion trend 2020-2021 medical, protective fiber material product solicitation notice.

The polyimide fiber with independent intellectual property rights fills the domestic gap and breaks the foreign technology monopoly for decades; the polyimide Yilun fiber developed fills the domestic gap and becomes a high value-added product in the aerospace field; the injection-molded polyimide special engineering plastic developed fills the domestic production technology gap, for China's machinery, electronics, automotive and other industries to enhance the international competitiveness ...... Located in Changchun New District, Changchun Gaoqi Polyimide Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changchun Gaoqi") has become the domestic leader in the field of new polyimide materials.


The First Technology Market Exchange Conference Successfully Held

On December 21, the first technology market exchange meeting was successfully held in Nanchang. At the meeting, Dr. Hou Haoqing and Dr. Zhou Zhongfu made a wonderful report. Gao Qi's representatives collided with the thinking of all technical giants and had in-depth exchanges on the research and development of polyimide materials.


Our company successfully passed the final inspection of the demonstration unit of Jilin Province technical standard upgrading project.

On October 17, the project expert group of Jilin Province Technical Standard Improvement Project Demonstration Unit conducted final acceptance of our company's organization and management, safeguard measures, standardization activities, product quality level, working mechanism, and pilot results. Song Zhengfu, head of the expert group, and other five experts and four provincial and municipal standardization leaders unanimously affirmed our company's technical standard upgrading work and successfully passed the final inspection of the provincial technical standard upgrading project demonstration unit.


The basic research project of "textile light" application undertaken by our company passed the acceptance smoothly.

On July 24, the China Textile Industry Federation organized experts in Jilin City to review the basic research project "Research on structural properties and preparation technology of high strength polyimide fiber" undertaken by our company, and the project passed the acceptance smoothly.

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