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Molded grade carbon fiber modified resin


Resin and engineering plastic products

Key words:

YGP123 with polyimide as the base material, according to a certain proportion of special material with filler composition, with high mechanical strength, self-lubricating, wear resistance, suitable for transmission equipment parts, such as dynamic seal ring, bearing cage, bushing, textile accessories, tobacco machinery accessories, etc.


  • Excellent wear resistance-excellent wear resistance in harsh working conditions such as abrasive particles, and almost no damage to the shaft.
  • Has a very low coefficient of friction-self-lubricating better than rubber bushings and other metal materials.
  • It has good chemical resistance-it can withstand most organic solvents.


Application areas:

Used in tobacco machinery, textile machinery, petroleum, chemical, mining, bearings, medicine, food and other fields


YGP123 performance parameter table

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