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Molded grade graphite modified resin


Resin and engineering plastic products

Key words:

YGP133 products using advanced PI composite technology, is an ideal new material to replace metal, carbon, PTFE and graphite wear components, its products have good sealing, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, dimensional stability, self-lubrication, creep resistance and other characteristics. To ensure the stability of the sealing gap, the sealing surface is more wear-resistant, no deformation, and truly achieve a long life, to achieve excellent sealing effect.


YGP133 performance parameter table



YGP133SeriesThe material is an ideal material for making contact type oil block (sealing cover), oil seal, floating seal ring, thrust bearing, bushing and other sealing wear-resistant products, which solves the long-term problems of large friction coefficient, serious wear and medium leakage caused by the previous materials.


Linear thermal expansion coefficient curve of YGP133 series products at 50 ℃-200 ℃

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