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Injection molding grade resin


Resin and engineering plastic products

Key words:

Can provide resin powder, pellets, profiles or molded parts products

YGM200 Series

YGM200 series is a polyimide injection molding extrusion grade resin grade developed by Gao Qi Company. On the basis of high temperature resistance, high strength, stable size and stable electrical properties of molded grade polyimide materials, it can realize a variety of processing methods. It is suitable for products with complex structure, high precision and batch requirements.


  • It has the highest glass transition temperature (250 ° C) in extruded plastics.
  • It can be formed by injection molding, extrusion and spraying.
  • Dimensionally stable, low coefficient of thermal expansion, filler modified coefficient of thermal expansion (anisotropy) equivalent to aluminum.
  • High strength, impact resistance, improve product life.
  • Very low injection molding shrinkage can ensure the accuracy requirements of injection molding products.
  • Exhaust, metal impurity content is very low range.


This data is a representative value, not a guaranteed value.

dynamic mechanical thermal analysis curve(DMA) ContrastFigure

Comparison of thermal expansion coefficient curves

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