Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyimide raw materials, resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high-strength fibers and fabrics, and nano-products.

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Polyimide Raw Materials


Polyimide Raw Materials

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Changchun Gaoqi is committed to providing users with advanced polymer materials for harsh environments, and has launched a series of polymer products with superior performance for various industries that are changing with each passing day, regardless of the specific application requirements are high and low temperature resistance, high strength, impact resistance, High insulation, wear resistance and other fields. Gao Qi polyimide can be modified and enhanced to provide you with tailor-made solutions.




chlorophthalic anhydride

Mainly used for the synthesis of aromatic dianhydrides and dyes, pharmaceutical intermediates.

1. Chinese name: 3-chlorophthalic anhydride
Chinese alias:3-Chlorophthalic Anhydride
English Name:3-Chlorophthalic anhydride 

GAS No.: 117-21-5


2. Chinese name: 4-chlorophthalic anhydride
Chinese alias:4-Chlorophthalic Anhydride
English Name:4-Chlorophthalic anhydride 
GAS No.: 118-45-6

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