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Polyimide Special Paper


Polyimide Special Paper

Key words:

Polyimide paper is also the first product in the world for our company.In December 2011, our company has completed the small-scale test of polyimide paper. In April 2013, the pilot production of polyimide paper has also been successful. At the same time, the technology has obtained the national patent. Our company's annual output of 300t polyimide paper production line has become the world's first polyimide paper production line. Our company's polyimide paper products have participated in world-class exhibitions many times and won unanimous praise from relevant experts at home and abroad.

Polyimide paper has excellent properties:

1) Long-lasting thermal stability: It can withstand high temperatures above 250°C, and its electrical and mechanical properties are not affected at high temperatures;

2) Outstanding flame retardancy: polyimide paper is directly carbonized at high temperatures above 400°C without burning;

3) excellent electrical insulation: polyimide paper dielectric constant is very low, can be in high temperature, low temperature and humid environment can maintain excellent electrical insulation;

4) Excellent mechanical properties: polyimide paper has high strength, wear resistance and tear resistance;

5) Outstanding chemical properties: Polyimide paper has good acid resistance.

6) Radiation resistance: Polyimide paper has high radiation resistance, so it is one of the special materials for aerospace, and it is also a filter material for high temperature media and radioactive substances.

7) Biological compatibility: Polyimide paper is non-toxic, can be used in medical equipment, and can withstand thousands of disinfection.

Due to the excellent properties of polyimide paper, the uses are also diverse. Polyimide paper can be used as a broadband filter material for aircraft, missiles and satellites, as a radar paper cover, and as a wave-transparent window for foes. Honeycomb polyimide paper can be used as special structural materials, such as wings, cabin door liners, floors, partition walls, etc. High temperature and radiation resistant polyimide paper can be used for engine insulation materials, spark plugs, high temperature resistant and other thermal protection materials, Radiation hose heat resistant material, etc. Insulated polyimide paper can be used for coil windings in transformers and motors, and insulation materials for inter-phase and inter-turn line terminals.


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