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Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polyimide raw materials, resins, adhesives, engineering plastics and products, heat-resistant fibers, high-strength fibers and fabrics, and nano-products.





2019CHINAPLAS Perfect Ending, Changchun Gao Qi Full Harvest

2019CHINAPLAS • Guangzhou • Pazhou Changchun Gao Qi's PI (polyimide) injection molding, extrusion and spraying products exhibited for the first time during the just-concluded 2019Chinplas International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition attracted the attention of a large number of audiences.

2019CHINAPLASPerfect Ending, Changchun Gao Qi Full of Harvest




With the continuous development of science and technology, miniaturization, lightweight and other trends have put forward higher requirements for the dimensional stability of materials, requiring materials with strict dimensional tolerances and easy processing, while various industries are facing the goal of sustainable development. In response to the changing needs of customers in the market, Gao Qi has an independent R & D team dedicated to providing customers with advanced polymer materials for harsh environments.


Extrusion bar


Gaoqi thermoplastic high-temperature polyimide resin is suitable for injection molding, extrusion and spraying, which brings unprecedented design flexibility and freedom to your products.





Gaoqi thermoplastic high-temperature polyimide resin not only has unparalleled high and low temperature resistance, mechanical and electrical properties, but also has good dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. Nowadays, in addition to the electronic and electrical industries, Gaoqi thermoplastic high-temperature polyimide resin is also helping more industries to achieve new challenges.